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Greenville is a town and city roleplay game based on the suburban area of Greenville, Wisconsin. Founded by milk74l8O, the game focuses on driving around town and living life as a citizen of Greenville. Multiple aspects of the game, including driving, working a job, and roleplaying, are discussed within this article. The game is held under the group Greenville, Wisconsin.


There have been four versions of Greenville known to exist. The first beta is private. The second version of the beta can be found here. The third beta has three known saved editions available for players to play, including the initial release, the mid-release, and the final release. The full release is currently available for play.


Driving is a key aspect of the game. Players primarily earn income by driving, with job paychecks serving as a second source of income. Income is usually spent on new cars.

Income earned through driving (also known as Drive-To-Earn) can be modelled by the quadratic equation , where represents the total earnings and represents the total distance driven in miles; it should be noted that . The maximum amount that is possible is $750, but most people experience a maximum of $749 in an earn cycle as it is difficult to drive the exact number of miles to earn $750. The optimum grind speed is about 66.28 miles per hour. There is a definitive minimum amount of cash earned ($100) which is applied when the miles driven results in a cash earnings of less than $100. For reference, drivers earn approximately $749 per mile driven. Obeying the speed limit and following applicable traffic laws helps to maximize the amount earned. Roleplaying with other people can also help maximize your earnings and makes the gameplay experience a little more exciting.

Driving vehicles owned by someone else

Prior to 1.16, it was impossible to drive vehicles which belonged to other players. By default, the driver's seat always remained locked, even when they left their vehicle.[1]

In the 1.16 update, it is now possible to toggle a lock button to the left of the screen, and leave a vehicle unlocked. This allows other players to drive vehicles that do not belong to them. In addition, this allows for more opportunities in roleplay, including carjacking scenarios.[2]

Cash Flow

Sources of Income

  • Driving earns a minimum of $100 for every earn cycle (which is usually per minute). The amount earned can be greater than $100 - it increases for a greater distance per minute, but decreases after a certain point to disincentivize careless driving in sports cars.
  • Jobs give a payout of $650 per five to six minutes. All jobs give the same amount, there is no variance. It is known that job earnings do not occur in some servers; this may be due to anti-AFK farming measures.
  • Cash can sometimes be earned through time-limited events and promotions. An example of a recent event is the 2021 Halloween Event.
  • Cash can also be earned through illicit means.
    • One example of this is through AFK driving (also known as AFK grinding or AFK farming). The process mainly involves continually driving in circles at the airport within a considerable speed (to approach the highest Drive-to-Earn payout). As this exploits game bugs and (sometimes) involves third-party software, performing this puts your account at risk of being banned and having its data (partially) wiped.
    • Another example involves the use of teleportation exploits. There are anti-exploits system in place to detect such movements.

Sources of Expenses

  • [Outdated] (GV3) Fuel is an expense for all non-electric cars - when fuel runs out, you need to pay at the gas station to refuel. Electric cars charge for free.
  • Of course, purchasing new vehicles costs money and can be considered a personal expense.


This is a map of Greenville.

Made by LibertyTrooper (Roblox) (Discord: LibertyTrooper#6564)

This is an aerial shot of the game as of version 1.13.

Special thanks to a person who chose to remain anonymous

  1. Fun fact: Greenville's map is influenced by its real-life counterpart in Wisconsin. If you go on Google Maps you may find some of the local businesses that are in-game! (some have renamed due to potential copyright issues).
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  • Unlike other games, Greenville does not support or give out codes on official social media platforms (yet).
  • Greenville, Wisconsin - the place the game is based on - has its own Wikipedia page.
    • There have been cases of people inserting references to the game on the wiki page itself, in the form of:
      • Link dropping [3]
      • Creating its own dedicated section [4][5][6][7]
      • Randomly inserting references into article[8][9]
      • milk7418O made Greenville [10]


For a more complete gallery, see Greenville/Gallery.

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