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Rules are being overhauled at the moment. Current rules will continue to apply until further notice.


Oh hey! Welcome to the Greenville Wikia! Thanks for checking us out! If you are thinking of making some contributions to the wiki, please read the rules listed below and familiarize yourself with our policies. Please read the page in its entirety!

Section 1: FANDOM Regulations

Before continuing, be sure to read the FANDOM Community Guidelines found here and the FANDOM Terms of Use found here.

Section 2: General Behavior

2.1 Politeness

Remain polite and respectful towards other users. As everyone on the wiki is human, we should respect other members of the community.

2.2 Opinions

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on certain subjects. While you are free to lightly rebuke an opinion, please maintain a basic level of respect when someone expresses an opinion and avoid targeting or harassing people for having a different perspective.

Section 3: Banned Practices

3.1 Inciting Violence, Crime, or Death

Inciting violence or death can be interpreted as:

  • telling a user to kill themselves
  • threatening to conduct crime with intent of causing harm (such as doxxing)
  • encouraging others to commit a crime

We do not condone the act of telling other users to kill themselves. Suicide is not a joke and will never be seen as one. Committing a crime or encouraging others to commit a crime is illegal and may result in you being banned (sometimes permanently!) Depending on the severity, you may be reported to FANDOM staff or even local authorities.

3.2 Toxic Behaviour

We want this wiki to be a welcoming community that does not discourage users from creating a discussion. Toxic behaviour, including bullying and the usage of disparaging insults is not welcome as it does exactly what we are trying to avoid.

3.3 Vandalism

Vandalizing the pages or any important part of the wiki will lead to severe punishments, such as being banned for a certain time. It is strictly forbidden to circumvent the edit locks to modify the HOME page and all other locked pages.
Vandalism may include, but is not limited to:

  • entering blatantly incorrect information (such as saying a car can go 9999999 mph)
  • deleting information with intent of concealing (also known as blanking)
  • spamming the same message within discussion posts or within a page
    • the text does not have to be verbatim - creating multiple messages in a short period of time with the same context can be considered spamming
  • inserting swears, curses, insults, NSFW content (see below), or discriminatory content (see below).
  • mass creation of unnecessary redirects and pointless pages

3.4 NSFW Content

NSFW content is unacceptable and may result in a permanent ban (and reports to law enforcement if necessary). NSFW content includes, but is not limited to:

  • violence or gore
  • body parts which are normally concealed (this includes uncensored depictions of the human anatomy)

3.5 Discriminatory Content

Discriminatory content includes, but is not limited to:

  • racial slurs
  • homophobic slurs
  • telling people to "go back to their country"
  • content promoting white supremacy
  • slurs meant to offend people of a certain identity

Content containing racist slurs, homophobia and / or extremely violent content will be removed and the user will receive a ban with a minimum of 2 weeks, depending on the severity of the violation and prior moderation history.

3.6 Asking for admin

Do not ask to be a wiki staff member on a staff member's profiles or wiki. Your chances of a successful application will be diminished if you do.

We do hold applications, but they are currently closed.

3.7 Advertising

You shall not advertise your services or Discord servers anywhere on the wiki unless it is related to Greenville and noteworthy (this means you can't advertise your roleplay servers!)

3.8 Hoax articles

Articles generally need some proof for it to be valid. Anything that is speculatory (i.e. not in the game or teased by admins) may be removed.

Proof, in this case, includes Discord announcements from the Greenville Discord (13+), images from the game itself (screenshots are okay), or images obtained from the Greenville Discord (you must be 13+ to join) originally posted by a developer or admin.

Trello links are disallowed due to the closure of the Greenville Vehicles Trello and it being discredited by developers.

Section 4: Overview of page creation guidelines

Pages should be created where it concerns a:

  • Vehicle
  • Building
  • Job
  • Gameplay aspects, such as maps, mechanics, and other relevant topics.

Other types should be redirected to Discussions. Pages which violate this policy are subject to being redirected or deleted entirely.


Please add screenshots from the game containing the vehicle in question, as well as basic vehicle information such as:

  • Name in real life (Every vehicle in the game is based on a corresponding real-life vehicle!)
  • Type (Is it regular? Luxury? Law Enforcement?)
  • Purchase price
  • Sell price

In addition, you should capture an image of all trims and include them on the page (preferably in a gallery, with each image captioned to identify the particular trim).

If you are unable to purchase the vehicle, that is alright. In that case, leave sections that require ownership of the vehicle to verify (such as top speed and vehicle stats) blank.


Please include a screenshot that shows proof of the vehicle's existence.


Please ensure the article has the following:

  • Fictional name
  • Link to one of the following:
    • Discord message (from #news or #future-updates)
    • Link to the developer's message (if there is no picture)
  • Real life name (unless the car itself is fictional)

This information will be verified accordingly.

You may not make information up.


You may not create vehicle articles based on user suggestions (i.e. vehicle suggestions that have not been officially revealed).

Let's say you want to suggest adding a Kia Sedona to the game, so you create an article complete with a proposed fictional name and proposed statistics. You might trick some people! If you are sure a suggestion is real, please do not forget to include proof (see section 4.3 above).

By doing this, your suggestion (page) may be deleted without further notice. If a user continues to violate this policy, they may be blocked. The block length is based on the severity of the offence.


Don't forget to add screenshots!


The gallery is considered a key element of articles within the wiki. Vehicle pages will have them to the right (below the infobox) and building pages will have them at the bottom of the page.

Please refrain from removing galleries from the page! If you would like to add a photo to the page, click the "add photo" button on the bottom right corner of the gallery.

Section 5: Context of the rules

The rules are not verbatim. Just because something is not explicitly mentioned on this page does not mean that you can act that way. If you are found doing something that violates a rule by context, you will be punished the same way.  


Although it should be listed as a common-sense rule, please don't use our content to be a nuisance in other places . We highly discourage this as, not only does it give you a bad reputation, but it gives the wiki a bad reputation.

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